Prince Kuhio

Was one of the first vacation resorts on Kaua'i.

Originally the Prince Kuhio Hotel, the resort was open in the late 1960's.

Prince Kuhio as seen from Prince Kuhio Park

Prince Kuhio is where you find the charm and aloha of old Kaua'i

Here's some of the aloha that Prince Kuhio offers our guests.

Brightly colored koi on the resort grounds.


Secluded pool for our guests.

Our charming footbridge (left) welcomes you to Prince Kuhio's.

Gas grills (right), for the use of our guests.

Soul soothing water plants

and rockwork adorn the grounds.


Adjacent to Prince Kuhio is Prince Kuhio Park. It is an open space preserve that was the birthplace of Prince Kuhio*, and has an important place in Hawaiian culture.

(*This link refers to another Prince Kuhio Park on O'ahu, but also gives details of his life.)

Prince Kuhio Park, from Lawai Beach Rd. Adjacent to Prince Kuhio, it creates an open space buffer for the resort.
This monument to Prince Kuhio is the centerpiece of the park.
Inscription on the monument. The Hawaiian is roughly translated as "The leader of the people", and "Father of the homelands."

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